Aaron Looking AtAaron is a songwriter, producer and passionate worshiper.  He currently serves as the Worship Pastor at River City Community Church in Chicago’s Humboldt Park Neighborhood.  He’s served in various ministry roles over the years.  But in 1997 he stepped into what he believes is his purpose. That’s when he began his journey of knowing what a true worshiper of God really is. When you meet him, you automatically know that he has the heart of a servant.  And he believes that being a servant is where worship starts.  “You’ve got to know how to serve people before you can lead them.”  Love God, love people is the motto by which he lives.

He’s learned over the years that the best way to grow in God, is to always be willing to let God show you who He is all over again.  “Never become so familiar with God that you think you know exactly how He operates.  He tells us in Isaiah that His ways and thoughts are so far beyond us that it’s impossible for us to figure Him out.”  Aaron’s desire is to always have a heart that’s tender so that God can use him in any way He sees fit.

In his journey to know God more he was afforded the opportunity to attend the Bethel School of Worship in Redding, CA.  “They’ve really created an environment that’s ripe for God to do the miraculous” he says.  He experienced great encounters and received divine impartation while there.  After being in that environment and upon receiving his certificate in Supernatural Worship,  Aaron now fully understands his calling as a worship leader.  His purpose is to not only lead people into the presence of God, but to raise up worshipers that will carry the presence of God wherever they go.  He’s honored that God is using  him to share his heart of worship with people all over the world.  He didn’t always desire to be in this position but since God has consistently brought him back to this place, he now gladly accepts and embraces his purpose.

Aaron didn’t start writing music until after he graduated high school.  He along with one of his brothers and two friends started a gospel group.  Several groups and a few choirs later, he kind of left the music thing behind and began pursuing other interests.  He eventually went to college and received his B.A. in Marketing.  Not long after graduating from college, he and that same brother and another friend started a new media company in the 90′s right at the beginning of the whole tech bubble thing.  They enjoyed minimal success.  They soon realized that entrepreneurship required a lot of attention.  Much more than everyone was willing to give.  So they disbanded.

After working several jobs and not ever really feeling fulfilled, Aaron found his way back to singing.  He found a new church home, eventually joined the choir.  He also joined the newly forming praise team and was asked to join the youth leadership team and assist with the music.  His appetite for music and singing had grown tremendously while serving in the different capacities.  It was during this time that he also met the love of his life.  The two got married in 1999.  For his bride he wrote and sang a song called, “I Love You… Always” as she walked down the aisle.  This was the pre-cursor that lead to him writing, co-producing and releasing his first solo project, I Love You… Always in 2003.  It was a Christian Love Song project that focused on love and communication.  Again he enjoyed minimal success in terms of sales, but he was afforded the opportunity to travel and perform around the country.  Most importantly he was learning what ministry was and how to be effective in it.

Between 2003 and 2013 Aaron has experienced tremendous challenges and spiritual growth.  Some of which he has documented sonically and is now prepared to share with the world.  You will hear his heart and his truth as he converses with God.  “At Your Feet” is a praise and worship album that is designed only for those who truly have a desire to know God intimately.  It undoubtedly will ring true for many who listen and may even be able to put words to what you are feeling but have been unable to voice.  If that is you, then this album is just what you need!

Aaron is married to his wife Dawn, who is a high school math teacher as well as the Executive Director of Brown Baby Reads, a non-profit African-American literacy initiative that helps children of color celebrate who they are while equipping them to achieve.  They are the proud parents of four wonderful children.





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